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The Most Important Piece Of Equipment You Carry Is Not In Your Bag

Fueling your body for optimal performance on the fairways

From the outside golf seems like a relaxing game, people walking around enjoying a nice day outdoors… And because of this perception some people do not consider golfers to be “true” athletes. In fact golfers themselves rarely prepare themselves like athletes.

Forward Press 7/8/08

A steady body during your putting stroke is a must. To accomplish this, place 60% of your weight on your forward foot.

One of the most common putting faults I see occurs during the setup. A lot of amateurs tend to address the ball with their weight distributed all over the place. Sometimes it’s on their rear foot; other times it’s divided equally between both feet. What I like to convey is a fundamentally sound stroke to Read more…

Heads Up

Heads UpHow many swings do you make when trying a new driver?_Ê

True Lies and Divots 6/30/08

Ball land in a divot? Don?t worry, Kevin Scheller will help you get it out and on the green.

We’ve all seen pros get upset when they get out into the fairway after a perfect drive only to find their ball in a divot. When this happens to you, don’t waste your time getting mad. Instead, think of it almost as you would a normal shot, but move the ball slightly back in your Read more…

Stay Stacked 6/23/08

Keeping your upper body relatively balanced over your lower body is critical for creating power

If you’re not familiar with the term stacked, as it applies to the golf swing, you should be. Basically, in a sound swing, the upper body should stay relatively balanced over the lower body without any significant leaning in any direction. At the far left, notice how my chest, shoulders and head are directly over Read more…

Face Off 6/16/08

To keep your putterface square, your hands must complement one another

It doesn’t matter if you want to hit a 250-yard drive or drain a six-foot putt, when it comes to playing great golf, nothing replaces solid fundamentals. Consider my putting grip. Notice how my hands complement one another and my thumbs point down the handle? I use this standard reverse-overlap grip because it keeps the Read more…

Adjust the Back Foot 6/9/08

To find the right ball position don?t move the ball, move your back foot

One of the most common mistakes amateurs make in the setup is faulty ball position. Specifically, a lot of players move the ball around far too much, particularly when it comes to the position for a long iron or hybrid (hit off the ground) versus the short irons and wedges. The problem with this technique Read more…

Editors Tips #2

Not to be outdone, Golf Tips Associate Editor Charlie Schroeder lets you in on a few of his favorites

1. Picture your target when you swing by Dr. David Wright. Golf isn’t like other sports. For one thing you look at the ball, not your target. Also, the ball isn’t moving. And last but not least, the swing is started from a dead stop. Add up these three elements and it’s easy to see Read more…