2012 Buyer’s Guide Putters

Will you switch to a long putter this year?

What’s the most overlooked component of your clubs? Easy: the grips. It shouldn’t be, since the grip is the only connection you make with the club

2012 Buyer’s Guide Shafts

It's the club's engine. Are you in need of a tune-up?

Even after years of preaching it in the pages of Golf Tips, it seems many golfers still ignore the most critical component of the golf club.

2012 Buyer’s Guide Shoes And Accessories

Who says the game is played with just clubs and balls?

In this section, we highlight a number of this year’s best accessories, from comfortable shoes to talking GPS units. The future is now.

2012 Buyer’s Guide Wedges

This year, get up and down...every time

Virtually every new wedge for 2012 promises to help you improve your short game and get up and down more often.

2012 Buyer’s Guide Woods

Are the new fairway woods as long as your driver?

This year marks the first year that we’ve seen fairway woods truly marketed as driver alternatives.

Five Questions With Fujikura Golf

Shaft talk with one of the game's great companies

Our biggest initiative is to better educate all golfers on the importance of a precision shaft fitting.

Five Questions With Srixon

We delve into the ballmaker's new lineup

The advancements in cover technology is the main reason for the improved durability.

Determining Your Set Makeup

It's time to balance your ascend!

You need to have a distinct set makeup, one that saves your swing and game.

Five Questions With Cleveland Golf

A glimpse inside one of the game's coolest companies

Forged, huh? We’ve seen quite a few new forged wedges, not just from Cleveland, but from other companies, as well. What sets yours apart from the crowd?

Five Questions With Winn Grips

What goes into making one of the game's best grips

How did Winn start? How has the company’s mission changed over the years?