April 2012

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

TRAINING AIDS MEDICUS Three products from Medicus will help you hit fairways, gain distance and drain putts. The Dual-Hinge driver ($160) lets you know when you swing incorrectly by "breaking," the PowerMeter ($70) attaches to your clubs and measures your clubhead speed, and the OverSpin putter ($160) helps you strike the ball above its center, Read more…

Flip It To Stick It!

Hinge your wrists early to perfect this more advanced flop shot

If you’ve ever found yourself short-sided in the rough, as I am here, then you know you need to execute a shot that gets the ball up high and in a hurry–and lands soft. Here’s a more advanced way to play this rough flop shot.

Get In Tune

Quick tips to help get your swing back on the right track and start shooting lower scores

If you want to start hitting better golf shots right now, heed the advice on the following pages.

Should You Join The 3-Wood Revival?

They're long...really long

Distance sells these days, because it’s sexy. And multiple savvy club manufacturers are bombarding you with ads for their new and strong 3-woods.

We Tried It: Cleveland Classic

Cleveland's new classic driver

When we first saw the new Cleveland Classic driver in person–better yet, in sunlight–we were amazed. Amazed first at how big a risk Cleveland was willing to take on a retro finish, and second, at how starkly different it looked from most modern-day driver iterations.

Weighing In

Shift your weight correctly for the proper swing path

I know that many of my students may think they understand how their balance shifts throughout their swings, but they often don’t really feel it until I show them this drill.

2012 Buyer’s Guide Balls

Colored, multi-layered, self-correcting. We've got 'em all.

What we like the most about 2012 is how affordable urethane-covered balls have gotten. This year, you can play great balls and not worry about losing one. Okay, you can still worry about losing one.

2012 Buyer’s Guide Drivers

This year's crop of new drivers is longer and lighter then ever

The year’s crop of new drivers are longer and lighter than ever!

2012 Buyer’s Guide Grips

Your hands only touch one thing on the club. Make sure your grips are right for you.

What’s the most overlooked component of your clubs? Easy: the grips. It shouldn’t be, since the grip is the only connection you make with the club

2012 Buyer’s Guide Irons

These new sticks will help you hit the green

Today’s new irons are better than ever, with several new and very forgiving models to choose from.