Slice No More

Land In The Fairway Every Time

Hitting a big, weak slice is never any fun.

Golf Putting Tips: The Other Game

If you want to be a complete golfer, you have to become a masterful putter

To paraphrase Ben Hogan, golf is two games, the full swing and putting.

Quick Tips To Play Better

Get better, fast!

If you want to dial in your chips and pitch shots, you have to learn to swing with the bigger muscles, not the smaller ones.

Drive Time

Hitting longer and straighter drives can be easy as long as you have the right fundamentals

Most golf instructors agree that the best way to become a better golfer is to start from the ground up. It’s not something most golfers think about, but in reality, the ground is critical to helping create more power.

Five Questions With Dave Schnider

President Fujikura Golf Shafts

There are many misconceptions about golf shafts but the biggest misconception about shafts are that golfers feel they can match a swing speed to a flex.

Learn Like A Pro

So you can play like one

As an instructor, I have had the privilege to work with Paige Mackenzie since the winter of 2008.

Making Crisp Chipping Contact

Two tips for better chipping contact

The chip shot might seem like a simple motion, so why do so many golfers complicate it with added movements?

Stripe Your Chips

Line up a range ball for perfect contact

When it comes to hitting short shots from just off the green, many of my students tend to neglect some basic swing fundamentals.