Are You Really Swinging The Golf Club?

In my 17 years of teaching, one thing is very clear to me – the golf swing is very elusive for most people. One day you have the feel and are hitting it great. Then literally the next day, you try the same tip or feel and you can’t come close to finding the center Read more…

The True Golf Swing Revealed

I believe that the true golf swing is much easier to learn than most people make it. Most golfers confuse and complicate the golf swing by getting stuck with what I call “do-this-do-that” information. They are always trying to “make” a move like “pulling the elbow into the right side” or “holding the angle then release Read more…

Learn Like A Junior!

One of my favorite things about teaching junior players is knowing that they don’t have any preconceived notions about what they think the golf swing should look and feel like.

Find Your True Swing Plane

Need help finding your true swing? Dan Martin, PGA, teaches a handful of swing planes that you should try to see what works for you.

Use Your Senses

If you think the secret to lower scores is to hit hundreds of golf balls out on the practice tee, I have news for you: It isn’t.

Short Game Strokesavers

Hey, sometimes no matter how well you practice and prepare to play your best, you’re going to have days where you struggle to hit greens and shoot lower scores.

Own Your Focus

Your focus is your most precious asset when playing golf.

Keep that Rhythm Going!

Do you find yourself speeding up your swing as you go from chipping to full swing, which leads to mishits and ballooning numbers? PGA Professional Dan Martin tackles this common issue with this easy “5-Ball Drill” to keep your move intact from practice tee to 18th green.

Look At The Target

Need a quick fix to get your short shots back on track? Try this fun drill from one of our Top-25 instructors, Dan Martin.

2013 Buyer’s Guide Grips

Again, this year has a slew of new offerings, including a variety of new styles, colors, shapes and materials to choose from.