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Keep Your Putterface Square
In the above photo, Tiger is demonstrating how important it is to keep your eyes over the ball, and in the photo at right, Tiger is putting with his left hand. The left hand controls the clubface—in full swings and putts—and getting the clubface back to square at impact is vital if you want to make more putts.

To ensure that your eyes are over the ball, simply take another ball, place it next to your right eye and let go of it. It should land on or near your ball. A drill that will keep your clubface square is to putt with just your left hand. Start with short putts—really short putts—around the cup, then gradually move farther away from the hole, concentrating on keeping the blade square to your line. Once you've mastered a few six-footers, return your right hand to the club and stroke some more. Don't let your right hand take over. Retain the feeling of your left hand keeping the face square.

Did You Know?

Colin Montgomerie likes to listen to "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King before each round. "It's generally the last song I play in the car. It keeps me relaxed, and I listen to it all the time."

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Here's an interesting photo of a pro on the driving range at this year's Shriners Open. Note the ball placed under his right foot. Pros have great stability throughout the transition as their weight shifts from the instep of their back foot and from the ball of one's dominant foot to their toes. This proper transfer helps the club drop correctly on the downswing and also helps one remain stable and balanced throughout the swing.

Amateurs, on the other hand, either don't transfer their weight or push off from their toes, which causes them to make an over-the-top swing. As a result, they swing with an improper sequence, most often cutting across the ball and hitting a big banana slice.

If you struggle with proper weight shift in your swing, try sticking a ball under your shoe. I doubt that you'll make a reverse pivot again.


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