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Maintain Your Posture
Here's Kevin Streelman on the range working on what I call the "criss-cross drill." That is, he's laying a club across his chest and just making backswings. He's looking to confirm that his shoulder alignment is okay and he's aware of his posture throughout the motion. This is a great warmup drill and stretch as it reminds golfers to rotate on their backswing and not lift their arms during the actual swinging motion. When you do it, rotate around your spine while maintaining your posture. And don't lift your arms!

Sandra Gal says...

What I do In Between Shots
"I try not to think in between shots. It's the hardest thing to enjoy the walk and take in the moment. I try to make jokes with my caddie. We laugh a lot. I try to smile and take in nature—we play so many beautiful places, how can you not take it all in and enjoy it?

I start thinking about my next shot about a minute before I hit it. While I'm walking up to it, I kind of take in the surroundings and a little bit of the strategy about what I want to do with my next shot before I start talking to my caddie about what the yardages are."


Mirror Your Backswing And Followthrough
One of the fun parts when analyzing Tour players' swings is to notice consistencies. Here, Brandt Snedeker is demonstrating great positions in his backswing and followthrough that just happen to mirror one another.

At the top of his swing, check out how his clubface, back of left hand and left arm are all on the same angle. This mirror image is a great way to check if your club is on plane. Snedeker is on plane in both his backswing and followthrough.
It's simple to check this for yourself. You can have a friend record you from down the line and from target (make sure they're standing on your "toe line") or you can simply make a swing in front of a mirror.

Rick Barnes says...

Bet Your Buddies To Simulate "Tour-Like" Pressure
"Playing with my buddies for $5 or $10 simulates pressure a little bit. You might have presses going in to the 9th hole. $20 is still $20, and it's your buddies. You never want to lose to them."


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