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Short Game Video Instruction

Trust our short game golf videos to sharpen your chip shot and save putting strokes.

Throw The Cones

Danny Martin, PGA, explains how to ingrain the proper sequencing motion into your golf swing.

Chipping School: Better Contact

Dan Martin, PGA explains how to improve your chipping contact.

Bunker Basics: Stabilize Your Feet

Dan Martin, PGA explains a basic fundamental to better bunker play.

Escape The Rough

Learn how to escape the rough with the right chipping setup and swing. By Rick Sessinghaus, PGA.

High-Faced Bunker Shots

Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, explains how to tackle bunkers that require a quick, high trajectory.

Better Balance: Pitch Shots

Jon Paupore, PGA, explains how to never shank a shot again.

Look, Then Chip

Better chipping is about swinging more fluidly and with a nice rhythm. Zach Allen, PGA explains a great drill to work on doing just that.

Right Arm Straight!

Using a simple training aid, Zach Allen, PGA explains how chipping with a straight right arm can make you more consisent.

Flop Shot Basics

How to hit a flop shot from two different lies

Chip Shot Mastery

Want to chip it closer? You need proper fundamentals. Dan Kempken, PGA explains it all right here

The Bladed Chip Shot

How hitting a bladed chip shot can actually help you, not hurt you

Paint The Bunker

Brady Wilson, PGA demonstrates how to play a bunker shot and shows just how much sand you ought to move

Soft Hands, Proper Bounce

Keep your grip pressure light to take advantage of your club’s bounce.

PGA Tour Trends

Steve Dahlby shows you how today’s Tour players escape the sand.

3 Tips for Better Chips

Improve your chipping with these three simple lessons

Shift for Better Chips

Place 70% of your weight on your left side to chip it close.

Three Chipping Tips

PGA Tour player Eric Axley passes on three chipping tips.

Chip It In!

Turn into a short game whiz in no time with these simple tips.

Bunker Basics With Steve Marino

Bounce Control

Pitching Control

The High Lobber

Downhill Lies Around the Green

Escape From Two Bunker Lies

Indian Wells Golf Resort's Director of Golf Joe Williams passes on two tips that'll help you escape from the sand.