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Short Game Video Instruction

Trust our short game golf videos to sharpen your chip shot and save putting strokes.

Bunker Play 101

What do you need to know to escape the sand? Brady Riggs explains his simple advice on basic bunker shot mechanics. Expect instant improvement!

The Toe Chip

Tough lies near the green happen! Here's a must-know shot for getting up and down. From Lee Huntley, LPGA/PGA.

Look At The Target

Need a quick fix to get your short shots back on track? Try this fun drill from one of our Top-25 instructors, Dan Martin.

Hit With The Hill

Have you been told to align the shoulders with the slope? Ken Green explains how that can hurt you more than help you.

Beat The Bad Lie

When your ball embeds in the side of a bunker, don't fret. Try one of two tricks for escape from Ken Green.

The 10/20 Rule

Having trouble in the sand? Ken Green has a simple solution for becoming a more aggressive and effective bunker player.

Bunker Simplicity

Need to make your bunker shots more consistent? Sometimes the simpler option is the way to go. Greg Baresel, PGA, explains.

Bunker Basics

Stop over-complicating simple bunker shots! Dan Martin, PGA, explains how to make the sand easy to handle.

The "Chang" Chip

Sometimes playing ugly is what it takes to score well. Randy Chang explains his namesake chip for getting up and down more often.

Dig In

Zach Allen, PGA, makes bunker play easy with this simple technique.

Let Go of the Putter

Learn what it means to release the putter (literally) and make a smoother, more efficient putting stroke. Dan Martin, PGA, explains.

Chipping Fundamentals

John Stahlschmidt, PGA, explains a simple technique that will help you hit more consistent chips, time in and time out.

Three Tips For Better Chipping

Hank Gardner, PGA, explains his cues for better chipping around the green.

Find The Ring

Dan Martin, PGA, explains a fun and useful way to hone in your short pitch shots and start shooting lower scores. Don't miss it!

Grip Styles: Do They Matter

Grip Styles: Do They Matter

Effective Putting Practice

Randy Petersen explains a simple drill that yields better putting results.

How To Use A Belly Putter

Randy Petersen explains the proper usage of a belly-lengthed putter.

Finding Feel: 5-Ball Drill

Developing better feel is a matter of practicing the right way. Dan Martin explains in the easy-to-learn drill.

Stop The Flip Putting Drill

Ken Green explains a simple drill to kill the flip and make more putts.

Back, Stop, Putt

Ken Green explains a cool new drill for smoother putting accelleration.

Improve Your Pitching

Ken Green explains how the address and finish positions should mirror each other.

Using a Belly Putter

Ken Green, PGA explains how a belly putter is meant to work.

Chipping: Target-side Impact

Dan Martin, PGA, explains how to improve your chipping contact.

Short-sided Pitch Shots

Dan Martin, PGA, explains the proper course management on tough, shortsided pitch shots.