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Putting Video

Deciding on the right putting stroke can be complicated, but not with golf putting instruction from the experts. Learn how the body reacts to different putting strokes and decide which works for you.

Stay In Posture

Brady Riggs, PGA, is back with another fall season putting tip that will help you make more mid-length putts.

Pour It In!

Top-25 Instructor Brady Riggs, PGA, explains his technique for pouring the ball into the hole. Stop missing and start making!

Don't Force It!

Brady Riggs, PGA, explains how to put an end to an unnatural and awkward putting stroke and stroke making more putts.

Make More Putts!

Having a good setup and grip is key for consistent putting. Brady Riggs explains what that means right here.

Feet Don't Matter

What matters in the putting stroke? Brady Riggs, PGA explains how the feet do (or do not) matter at all.

The 12-Inch Rule

Need a quick drill to start making more putts? Greg Baresel has just what you need in this quick tip.

See The Line

Need a quick drill to get your putting back on track? Randy Chang has the answer in this easy lesson.

Let Go of the Putter

Learn what it means to release the putter (literally) and make a smoother, more efficient putting stroke. Dan Martin, PGA, explains.

8-Second Countdown

Jeff Ritter, PGA, explains what it means to get ready to stroke your putt in a mere eight seconds.

Don't Look Up!

The trick to better putting is to not be fixated on outcome. Wally Armstrong explains how to avoid looking up while you putt.

Perfect Your Roll

Tom Stickney, PGA, briefly explains how you can check and see how well your golf ball is rolling after impact with the putter face.

Effective Putting Practice

Randy Petersen explains a simple drill that yields better putting results.

How To Use A Belly Putter

Randy Petersen explains the proper usage of a belly-lengthed putter.

Stop The Flip Putting Drill

Ken Green explains a simple drill to kill the flip and make more putts.

Back, Stop, Putt

Ken Green explains a cool new drill for smoother putting accelleration.

Using a Belly Putter

Ken Green, PGA explains how a belly putter is meant to work.

Left Hand Controls

Tom Stickney, PGA explains how the left hand ought to control the face of the putter

Spot-on Putting

Tom Stickney, PGA explains a quick and simple routine to warm up your short game before your next round

Long Putt Practice

A quick tip to sharpen your putting skills before your next round

Bladed Putt Drill

Want to become a better putter? Grab your wedge. Rick Sessinghaus, PGA explains.

Putt Through The Gates

Become a better putter with this simple gate drill

Lag it Close

Chad Rogers helps you get your long putts close to the cup.

Short, Downhill Putts

Grip down on your putter to drain slick knee-knockers.

8-Second Countdown With Jeff Ritter

The most crucial few seconds in golf take place right before you putt.