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Iron Play Video

Getting your iron shot off on the right foot requires some good drills to get loose. Learn some of the experts' favorite quick drills to help loosen up the body before the round.

The Under Over Shot

Learn the shot you'll eventually need to escape the trees and save par.

Knock It Stiff!

Sidehill Lie? No Problem!

Jeff Johnson, PGA, explains the right way to play with the ball below your feet.

Fairway Bunker Shot

To hit the sand, or not to hit the sand...that is the question that Jeff Johnson, PGA, answers from a fairway bunker.

Down The Line

Randy Petersen, PGA, explains how the proper bunker technique requires you to swing along the targetline, not bodyline.

Finding Feel: 5-Ball Drill

Developing better feel is a matter of practicing the right way. Dan Martin explains in the easy-to-learn drill.

Bad Lies? No Problem

Faced with a bad lie out on the course? Jeff Yurkiewicz, PGA, has the fix in this quick and easy tip.

3 Steps, Better Contact

Hitting shots solid is the key to hitting it straighter and further. Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, explains in this great 3-step tip.

Say "Hit!" At Impact

Dan Martin, PGA, explains a great drill to help ingrain a smoother golf swing.

Get The Ball In The Way

Dan Martin, PGA, explains how the ball needs to get in the way of your practice swing.

Hit Hooks And Slices On Purpose

Dan Martin, PGA, explains how hitting hooks and slices intentionally can actually help you hit the ball straight.

Improve Your Impact

Rising LPGA star Paige MacKenzie and GT instructor John Stahlschmidt, PGA, explain a quick and easy drill to help improve your iron ballstriking.

Fairway Bunker Basics

Fairway bunker shots don't have to be so difficult.

Hit From A Divot

Zach Allen, PGA explains a simple drill to help practice this shot and take the fear out of hitting from a divot once and for all.

Knuckle Check

Karen Nannen, PGA explains how to do a self-check and make sure your hands are in the correct positions

Spine Tilt Matters

Brady Wilson, PGA shows you how to add the necessary spine tilt to your golf swing

Toe and Neck Finish

A quick and simple way to remember to make a full swing. Brady Wilson, PGA explains it here

Educate Your Hands!

To hit crisp irons shots you must use your hands correctly.