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Golf Swing Video

Master your golf swing with video tips from the pros. Our free golf swing videos cover everything you need to know to improve your fairway play.

Pro Vs. Joe

GT instructor Brady Riggs compares two swings: a pro and a "Joe." Which one fits you?

Push The Board

Find the Proper Swing Sequence with a 2x4

The One-Handed Swing

Want to improve your contact? Swing with one hand only!

Tennis Anyone?

Use a tennis racquet to control your release.

Bisect The Bicep

This simple tip will have you on plane in no time.

Find The Low Point

Improve your impact by finding your swing’s low point.

One-Foot Swing

Hit shots off one foot for better balance.

Right Arm Only Swing

Watch Jeff Ritter demonstrate what he calls the best full swing drill.

Goodbye Chicken Wing!

Swing on a flatter plane to release the club properly.

Keep Your Left Wrist Flat

PGA Tour pro Jay Williamson passes on two tips for better full swing contact: a good set up and a flat left wrist.

How to Hit a Hybrid Like a Pro