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Golf Swing Video

Master your golf swing with video tips from the pros. Our free golf swing videos cover everything you need to know to improve your fairway play.

Get On Plane

Andrew Getson explains how the proper setup can lead to better contact.

Lower Your Shoulder

Jon Paupore, PGA, explains how a lowered shoulder can yield bigger, straighter tee shots.

Finding Power

Jon Paupore, PGA, explains a few simple steps to find more power in your golf swing.

Driver Launch Technology

Tom Stickney, PGA, extols the virtues of using a launch monitor to get fit for a newdriver.

Finding Feel: 5-Ball Drill

Developing better feel is a matter of practicing the right way. Dan Martin explains in the easy-to-learn drill.

Bad Lies? No Problem

Faced with a bad lie out on the course? Jeff Yurkiewicz, PGA, has the fix in this quick and easy tip.

3 Steps, Better Contact

Hitting shots solid is the key to hitting it straighter and further. Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, explains in this great 3-step tip.

Say "Hit!" At Impact

Dan Martin, PGA, explains a great drill to help ingrain a smoother golf swing.

Get The Ball In The Way

Dan Martin, PGA, explains how the ball needs to get in the way of your practice swing.

Hit Hooks And Slices On Purpose

Dan Martin, PGA, explains how hitting hooks and slices intentionally can actually help you hit the ball straight.

Understanding Bounce In Sand

Dan Martin, PGA, explains the bounce angle of a wedge and how to use it properly.

Educated Hands

Glenn Deck, PGA, explains how the hands should work in the golf swing.

Back! Hit! Stop! Exercise

Dan Martin, PGA explains a simple, easy drill to get your bunker play back on track.

Strength and Flexibility: Balance Ball

Noted fitness and yoga expert Katherine Roberts explains how a balance ball can improve your golf game.

Strength and Flexibility: Hip Strength

Understand how you can benefit from stronger hips and how it can help your golf swing. By Katherine Roberts.

Strength and Flexibility: Torso Strength

Build more power by strengthing the core of your golf swing: the torso. By Katherine Roberts.

Strength and Flexibility: Stability Ball Exercises

Learn how to use a balance/stability ball to add more power and control to your golf game. By Katherine Roberts.

Strength and Flexibility: Build Symmetry

Learn how to make a more balanced and fluid golf swing by building a more symmetrical body.

Improve Your Impact

Rising LPGA star Paige MacKenzie and GT instructor John Stahlschmidt, PGA, explain a quick and easy drill to help improve your iron ballstriking.

The Recoil Bunker Shot

If you find yourself with a tough lie in the bunker, you have to try the recoil shot from Jon Paupore, PGA

The Baseball Drill

Get more power out of your swing by implementing some baseball into your golf game.

Get in Sync

Rick Sessinghaus describes a great drill to get your swing back in sync

Swing Along The Body Line

Need to wrap a shot around a tree?

Milk the Cow for Better Contact