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Faults and Fixes Videos

Coming over the top requires a quick golf swing fix. Could one simple device be the answer? Watch our video golf tips and get an improved golf swing in minutes.

Posture Vs. Impact

How can your posture affect your ballstriking? Steve Dahlby, PGA, explainis in this informative swing lesson.

Right Foot Planted Drill

A simple way to add more rotation and power to your swing is to rehearse this easy drill.

Flyer Lies...

Most golfers don't really know what a flyer lie actually is. Zach Allen, PGA explains it all right here.

The 3-wood Wedge Shot

Hitting your fairway woods ought not be any more difficult than hitting a wedge shot. Tom Stickney, PGA explains

How To Align Your Shots

Curious about how to align your body? Brady Wilson, PGA explains the difference between target line and shoulder line

The Kick Start Drill

Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, explains how to get your swing moving in the right direction with this simple, fun drill

The Feet Back Drill

Get your backswing and forward swing on the right track with this simple technique

One-Handed Chipping Drill

Better chipping is a toss away. Learn to pick a target and save par

Hybrid vs. Long Iron

The differences in hybrid shots are long iron shots aren't much

No More Shanks!

Turn your back to the target and stop shanking

Golf in Rhone, France

Tag along with instructor David Romo while he plays La Valdaine Golf Club's signature hole.

A Pivoting Moment

How having a proper pivot will change your game forever