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Tee Shot Video Golf Tips

Long drive champs know all there is about how to crush the ball. Watch the experts and improve your golf drive in no time.

Awkward Bunker Shot

Pomp Braswell, PGA, explains how to play from an awkward lie in the bunker.

The Super Flop Shot

Hitting the high flop shot requires a delicate, yet aggresive touch. Pomp Braswell, PGA, explains here.

Perfect Your Putting Routine

With the help of his daughter, Carly Ray, Barry Goldstein explains how the right putting routine leads to better putting.

The One-Leg Drill

Learn how swinging from one leg can help lead to more powerful drives. By Justin Klemballa, PGA

Chipping Basics

Darryl Jack, PGA, explains in detail, how to improve your chipping and start saving your scores.

Hitting Into The Wind

Darryl Jack explains how to flight your ball down and hit more effective shots into a headwind.

Practice Your Putting With Feel

Darryl Jack, PGA, explains how best to hone in on the proper feel for better distance control.

Build More Hip Strength

Resident fitness expert Katherine Roberts explains the importance of having more hip strength, and how it can help your game.

Get Better Posture

Katherine Roberts explains a simple drill to help with your posture, which will lead to more powerful golf swings.

Pitch with your Pitch

Pomp Braswell explains how it's sometimes better to use your pitching wedge instead of your sand or lob wedge.

Better Posture

Resident fitness expert Katherine Roberts, explains how to achieve better posture in your golf swing and daily life.

Learn from the Blind

Susie Corona explains a unique strategy for reading your putts more effectively in this insightful putting tip.

Core Strength

Strength and flexibility expert Katherine Roberts explains a great exercise to help strengthen your core.

Posture Vs. Impact

How can your posture affect your ballstriking? Steve Dahlby, PGA, explainis in this informative swing lesson.

Get On Plane

Andrew Getson explains how the proper setup can lead to better contact.

Lower Your Shoulder

Jon Paupore, PGA, explains how a lowered shoulder can yield bigger, straighter tee shots.

Finding Power

Jon Paupore, PGA, explains a few simple steps to find more power in your golf swing.

Driver Launch Technology

Tom Stickney, PGA, extols the virtues of using a launch monitor to get fit for a newdriver.

Driver Setup Fix

Randy Petersen explains a couple quick setup fixes to make for straighter and longer drives.

Say "Hit!" At Impact

Dan Martin, PGA, explains a great drill to help ingrain a smoother golf swing.

Power Tip: Loosen your hands

Doug Hammer, PGA, explains how to find the perfect grip pressure.

Power Ball: Quick Tips

Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, explains how a play ball can help you shoot lower scores.

Backswing Basics

Ken Green, PGA, explains how your golf bag can help lead you to a better backswing.

Driving Basics: Miss The Tube

Ken Green, PGA, explains a simple tip for better drivin. The trick? Don't hit the tube!