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Golf Instruction Video

Sometimes seeing is believing. Our golf instruction videos feature experts sharing simple tips for more power, better putting, and an overall improved golf swing. Take a video golf lesson now.

Perfect Your Angle of Attack

Karen Nannen, PGA, explains how to perfect your angle of attack and hit longer, stronger tee shots.

Better Legwork

How your lower body works in the golf swing is critically important. Steve Dahlby, PGA explains it all right here.

Use A Tee For More Control

Learn a simple drill that can instantly improve your ballstriking and shotmaking control.

High And Soft

If you need to hit a high and soft pitch shot, Derek Nannen, PGA, has just the tip for you. Getting up and down just got a whole lot easier.

Centered Contact

What's the key to better iron control? Centered contact. Justin Klemballa, PGA, explains.

Flat Left Wrist Drill

What's the secret for better ballstriking? Chuck Evans, PGA, explains it right here.

Get Your Weight Forward

Chuck Evans, PGA, explains how moving your weight forward is critical for better contact.

Have a Steady Head

Chuck Evans, PGA, explains how a steady head should work in the golf swing, and how to do it the right way.

Eyes Off The Ball

Randy Chang, PGA, explains how focusing on the golf ball can actually hurt, not help, your golf game.

Understanding The Pivot

John Stahlschmidt, PGA, explains the basic principle behind how the body is supposed to pivot in the golf swing.

Common Bunker Mistakes

Common Bunker Mistakes

Common Chipping Mistakes

Eddie Lee explains three simple tips to improve your chipping in a hurry.

Grip Pressure Control

How firm you grip the club can greatly affect what type of shot you're about to hit. Justin Klemballa, PGA, explains.

The Spinal Twist

Resident flexibility expert Katherine Roberts explains how to loosen up the spine and play better golf.

Stop Slicing!

Andrew Getson explains a simple drill and fix for your slicing woes.

Awkward Bunker Shot

Pomp Braswell, PGA, explains how to play from an awkward lie in the bunker.

The Super Flop Shot

Hitting the high flop shot requires a delicate, yet aggresive touch. Pomp Braswell, PGA, explains here.

Perfect Your Putting Routine

With the help of his daughter, Carly Ray, Barry Goldstein explains how the right putting routine leads to better putting.

The One-Leg Drill

Learn how swinging from one leg can help lead to more powerful drives. By Justin Klemballa, PGA

Chipping Basics

Darryl Jack, PGA, explains in detail, how to improve your chipping and start saving your scores.

Hitting Into The Wind

Darryl Jack explains how to flight your ball down and hit more effective shots into a headwind.

Practice Your Putting With Feel

Darryl Jack, PGA, explains how best to hone in on the proper feel for better distance control.

Build More Hip Strength

Resident fitness expert Katherine Roberts explains the importance of having more hip strength, and how it can help your game.

Get Better Posture

Katherine Roberts explains a simple drill to help with your posture, which will lead to more powerful golf swings.