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Golf Instruction Video

Sometimes seeing is believing. Our golf instruction videos feature experts sharing simple tips for more power, better putting, and an overall improved golf swing. Take a video golf lesson now.

Proper Chipping Techniques

John Stahlschmidt, PGA, explains some simple keys and must-do's for better chip shots around the green.

Determining the Right Plane

Learn to find the right swing plane and start hitting straighter shots. John Stahlschmidt, PGA, explains it right here.

Dial In Your Swing Plane

Derek Nannen, PGA, explains a quick and simple way to practice finding your perfect swing plane.Derek Nannen, PGA, explains a quick and simple way to practice finding your perfect swing plane.

Putt With Your Core

Zach Allen, PGA, explains that good putting can come from using your core, much like you would with a belly putter.

Add Some Lag

What's the secret for more driving power? Zach Allen, PGA, explains in this quick time on how to gain distance off the tee.

Tuck In Your Shirt!

Need a quick fix for better driving? Try this tip from Zach Allen, PGA. He'll have you hitting drives like a pro in no time.

Slo-Mo Golf Swings

Slow down! Dan Martin, PGA, extolls the virtues of a super-slow motion practice swing.

Level-Shoulder Chipping

Hitting better chips means making a few key adjustments to your setup and swing. Dan Martin, PGA, explains it all right here.

Say What?

If you're wondering the best way to reach the top of your backswing, you'll need to try this fun drill from Dan Martin, PGA.

Mythbused: Eyes on the Ball

Should you keep your eyes on the golf ball as you swing? Watch Dan Martin's take in this mythbusting short game tip.

Course Management

Playing well and playing smart go hand in hand. Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, explains course management in detail right here.

Eyes Closed Chipping

A great way to start hitting closer chips is to simply take your eyes off the ball and hone in on the target. Dan Martin, PGA, explains.

Don't Keep Your Head Down!

In case you've ever been told to keep your head down, Dan Martin, PGA, settles the dispute right here in this great, easy-to-try swing tip.

Throw Some Clubs!

What can you learn from throwing your clubs? Dan Martin, PGA, has the answer in this fun and innovative swing tip.

Stop Slicing! Play A Sidehill Lie

How can a sidehill lie help cure your slice? Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, explains in this great drill that promises to eliminate the banana ball.

Dial In Your Distances

Distance control is key with your wedge shots. Rick Sessinghaus, PGA offers his advice on helping you dial in the right swing for any distance.

Green Reading 101

Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, explains how to read greens correctly and start making more putts.

The Modified Belly Putter

Curious about the belly putter craze? Check out Rick's tip and see if the belly putter is right for you, and how you can simulate the feeling of a belly putter with an alignment stick.

Focus on the Target

Dan Martin, PGA, explains a simple practice routine to help you get your mind off the golf ball, and onto the target.

Get Mentally Prepared

Golf's Mental Coach Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, explains how to prepare yourself mentally and play better golf.

Mental Game: Training vs Trusting

Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, explains the difference between training and trusting your golf swing while out on the golf course.

Learn To Focus

Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, explores the mental side of golf and teaches how to focus on the positive and block out bad thoughts.

Ascending Impact

Learn the right way to hit up on the ball with this quick and easy tip that promises better tee shots in a hurry.

Controlling Trajectory

Derek Nannen, PGA, explains how to control your iron trajectory to betterhandle shots in windy conditions.