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Golf Instruction Video

Sometimes seeing is believing. Our golf instruction videos feature experts sharing simple tips for more power, better putting, and an overall improved golf swing. Take a video golf lesson now.

Drive It A Mile

Are you ready to nuke your next drive? Pomp Braswell shows you how by turning your upper body against your lower body.

Use Your Homerun Swing

Hitting big drives sometimes means copying the moves of powerhitters in baseball. Jeff Yurkiewicz, PGA, explains it all right here.

Hit A Forehand

How can you improve you iron accuracy? Consider hitting a tennis forehand. Boyd Summerhays has the explanation.

Bunker Play 101

What do you need to know to escape the sand? Brady Riggs explains his simple advice on basic bunker shot mechanics. Expect instant improvement!

The Toe Chip

Tough lies near the green happen! Here's a must-know shot for getting up and down. From Lee Huntley, LPGA/PGA.

Stay In Posture

Brady Riggs, PGA, is back with another fall season putting tip that will help you make more mid-length putts.

The Under Over Shot

Learn the shot you'll eventually need to escape the trees and save par.

Pour It In!

Top-25 Instructor Brady Riggs, PGA, explains his technique for pouring the ball into the hole. Stop missing and start making!

5-Swing Miracle

Want a quick way to loosen up and feel comfortable? Try this great drill from Lee Huntley, LPGA/PGA.

Don't Force It!

Brady Riggs, PGA, explains how to put an end to an unnatural and awkward putting stroke and stroke making more putts.

Make More Putts!

Having a good setup and grip is key for consistent putting. Brady Riggs explains what that means right here.

Knock It Stiff!

Sidehill Lie? No Problem!

Jeff Johnson, PGA, explains the right way to play with the ball below your feet.

Feet Don't Matter

What matters in the putting stroke? Brady Riggs, PGA explains how the feet do (or do not) matter at all.

Fairway Bunker Shot

To hit the sand, or not to hit the sand...that is the question that Jeff Johnson, PGA, answers from a fairway bunker.

Pros Vs Joes

In this in-depth lesson, Top-25 instructor Brady Riggs explains how the pros do what they do, and how you can do it too.

Ballflight 101

Learn the truth behind what influences what in the golf swing. It might not be what you think.

The Truth About Slicing

Want to know the real reason why you can't kill the banana ball? Joseph Mayo explains the truth behind slicing in this informative swing tip.

Look At The Target

Need a quick fix to get your short shots back on track? Try this fun drill from one of our Top-25 instructors, Dan Martin.

Hit With The Hill

Have you been told to align the shoulders with the slope? Ken Green explains how that can hurt you more than help you.

Beat The Bad Lie

When your ball embeds in the side of a bunker, don't fret. Try one of two tricks for escape from Ken Green.

The 10/20 Rule

Having trouble in the sand? Ken Green has a simple solution for becoming a more aggressive and effective bunker player.

The 12-Inch Rule

Need a quick drill to start making more putts? Greg Baresel has just what you need in this quick tip.

See The Line

Need a quick drill to get your putting back on track? Randy Chang has the answer in this easy lesson.