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Golf Instruction Video

Sometimes seeing is believing. Our golf instruction videos feature experts sharing simple tips for more power, better putting, and an overall improved golf swing. Take a video golf lesson now.

Find The Low Point

Improve your impact by finding your swing’s low point.

One-Foot Swing

Hit shots off one foot for better balance.

PGA Tour Trends

Steve Dahlby shows you how today’s Tour players escape the sand.

Drop Your Hands to Hit it Big

Long Drive Competitor Landon Colling shows you two ways to knock the cover off the golf ball.

Warm up for Power!

Sean "The Beast" Fister uses a heavy club to hit it big. So should you!

The Long, Wide Takeaway

Hit it a mile with the help of two-time LDA champ, Brooks Baldwin.

Don't Rush Your Downswing!

2007 World Long Drive Champ Mike Dobbyn on how to nut it.

Right Arm Only Swing

Watch Jeff Ritter demonstrate what he calls the best full swing drill.

3 Tips for Better Chips

Improve your chipping with these three simple lessons

Shift for Better Chips

Place 70% of your weight on your left side to chip it close.

Loose Muscles = Fast Muscles

2008 Texas Shootout Winner Mitch McDowell shows you how to bomb it.

Lose Your Slice With Doug Hammer

Troon North's Doug Hammer teaches you a quick drill that'll eliminate your slice.

Goodbye Chicken Wing!

Swing on a flatter plane to release the club properly.

Short, Downhill Putts

Grip down on your putter to drain slick knee-knockers.

Educate Your Hands!

To hit crisp irons shots you must use your hands correctly.

Golf in Rhone, France

Tag along with instructor David Romo while he plays La Valdaine Golf Club's signature hole.

Three Chipping Tips

PGA Tour player Eric Axley passes on three chipping tips.

8-Second Countdown With Jeff Ritter

The most crucial few seconds in golf take place right before you putt.

A Pivoting Moment

How having a proper pivot will change your game forever

Chip It In!

Turn into a short game whiz in no time with these simple tips.

Draw It With Your Driver

PGA Tour player Pat Perez demonstrates a drill that?ll get you drawing your drives.

Keep Your Left Wrist Flat

PGA Tour pro Jay Williamson passes on two tips for better full swing contact: a good set up and a flat left wrist.

Your Go To Drive

Bunker Basics With Steve Marino