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Golf Instruction Video

Sometimes seeing is believing. Our golf instruction videos feature experts sharing simple tips for more power, better putting, and an overall improved golf swing. Take a video golf lesson now.

Flop Shot Basics

How to hit a flop shot from two different lies

Chip Shot Mastery

Want to chip it closer? You need proper fundamentals. Dan Kempken, PGA explains it all right here

The Bladed Chip Shot

How hitting a bladed chip shot can actually help you, not hurt you

Paint The Bunker

Brady Wilson, PGA demonstrates how to play a bunker shot and shows just how much sand you ought to move

Split Grip drill

Derek Nannen, PGA explains a quick drill you can do to combat a slice

Stop The Pop-Up

Are you tired of hitting pop-up drives? Frank O'Connell, PGA explains how to make a quick fix and start hitting better tee shots

Knuckle Check

Karen Nannen, PGA explains how to do a self-check and make sure your hands are in the correct positions

Spine Tilt Matters

Brady Wilson, PGA shows you how to add the necessary spine tilt to your golf swing

Toe and Neck Finish

A quick and simple way to remember to make a full swing. Brady Wilson, PGA explains it here

Grip Pressure

The hands do a lot more than just hold the club. They can influence ballflight as well. Dan Kempken, PGA explains

Bob Byman

Fred Groth

Load Up For Power

Milk the Cow for Better Contact

Fix That Slice!

A quick drill to fix your slice forever.

Pro Vs. Joe

GT instructor Brady Riggs compares two swings: a pro and a "Joe." Which one fits you?

Push The Board

Find the Proper Swing Sequence with a 2x4

No More Shanks!

Turn your back to the target and stop shanking

Soft Hands, Proper Bounce

Keep your grip pressure light to take advantage of your club’s bounce.

Lag it Close

Chad Rogers helps you get your long putts close to the cup.

The One-Handed Swing

Want to improve your contact? Swing with one hand only!

Tennis Anyone?

Use a tennis racquet to control your release.

3 Anti-Slice Tips

Derek Nannen passes on 3 tips that’ll turn your slice into a power fade.

Bisect The Bicep

This simple tip will have you on plane in no time.