Napa North

The Okanagan Valley in Canada?s British Columbia is packed with spectacular golf and extraordinary wine.


Day 1:

Upon your arrival to Kelowna, start your experience at the Okanagan Golf Club. Just brace yourself for a long car ride to the golf course—it’s a whopping five minutes! Located in what seems like walking distance from the baggage claim, the Okanagan Golf Club is perhaps the best golf course ever situated near an international airport. On the property, you’ll have no clue you’re so close to civilization, considering the airport is both below you in elevation and the golf course is nestled deep in ponderosa pines.

Grab a bite to eat and get ready to tackle The Bear, the first of two courses at Okanagan GC. With such an aggressive moniker, you’d expect The Bear to be, well, a bear, but in actuality, it’s the perfect warm-up round of golf. Designed by Nicklaus Design (which explains the name), The Bear course resembles all that a great golf course should be: It looks tough, but plays benign, therefore lending golfers a true feeling of accomplishment, despite the course playing easier than it looks. There’s a nice variety too, with several holes featuring downhill tee shots and short, fun par-3 holes. Once you wrap up, time to hop in the car and get ready for your short drive along Lake Okanagan to what’s known as Predator’s Ridge, located near the lake in Kelowna’s sister town of Vernon. 


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