Napa North

The Okanagan Valley in Canada?s British Columbia is packed with spectacular golf and extraordinary wine.

If the Okanagan Valley of Canada’s British Columbia is considered the best place in the country for winemaking, then consider the golf in the area to be the perfect filet mignon. Located just an hour by air from Seattle with the beautiful town of Kelowna serving as its anchor, the Okanagan Valley has become a wonderful retreat for both fans of exciting golf and delectable wine.

Before I get to the wine (which isn’t hard to find in the Okanagan), there’s plenty of great golf to write about. First of all, let’s clear up a few misconceptions that some of you southerners may have about the land up north. Canada isn’t all that cold. In fact, the Okanagan boasts some the best weather in all of Canada, with warm summers, beautiful springs and downright spectacular fall months. And the sun stays out for what seems like forever during early summer months, making it possible to play well over 36 holes a day if you feel so inclined. The weather? It’s a non-issue.

For starters, the Okanagan Golf Alliance represents the best of the best in the area, with four destinations already in the Rota and more are on the way. And while it’s suggested that there’s no particular order to enjoy them, why not take it from someone who’s been there and plan a trip over five days. (I’ll help outline the golf for you, but the wining and dining is up to you.)


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