Island Greens

Playing Tips
Rain: The most important thing is to keep your clubs dry, especially your grips. Also, when it rains, greens soften and slow down—a great chance to be aggressive!

Grain: A green’s grain grows toward the setting sun, a quality that can dramatically impact your putting speed. Hit it harder when going into the grain and softer when it’s with you.

Wind: To keep it low, widen your stance, swing smoother and play the ball back in your stance. When downwind, tee it high and let it fly.
How To Speak Hawaiian
aloha: “hello” and “goodbye”
mahalo: “thank you”
lei: a flower garland
poi: a thin paste made from taro, Hawaii’s national food

Getting There
American, United, Aloha and Hawaiian Air provide service from the mainland to Hawaii’s six major islands. Hawaiian and Island Air offer extensive interisland service.

Average Temps
January .......80°/65°
March ..........81°/67°
April ............82°/68°
July ..............87°/73°
August ........88°/74°
September ..88°/73°
October ......86°/72°
November ...84°/70°
December ...81°/66°

Out Of Bounds

Swim with dolphins and turtles or watch whales on a Wildside Specialty Tour. Morning and evening trips sail from Waianae Boat Harbor in Oahu. $95/person plus tax. Ask about group discounts. (808) 306-7273,

Oahu’s famous North Shore. During the winter months, massive—and we mean really massive—waves roll in from Alaska and bring with them highlight-reel swells. Banzai Pipeline at Ehukai Beach Park or Waimea Bay provide killer views.

The Big Island’s Volcanoes National Park comprises 333,000 acres and rises from the sea to the 13,677-foot summit of Mauna Loa, the Earth’s most active volcano. $10 per vehicle, $5 for pedestrians or bicyclists. (808) 985-6000,

Experience Hawaii by air. Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours fly over Kauai, Maui and the Big Island. $119-$382 per person. (800) 745-BLUE,


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