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We Ko Pa “It’s important to have somebody there who has been there and done that—especially for people who are making it the trip of a lifetime. They should be putting their trust in a company that can meet their expectations and make the trip as hassle free as possible, from a meet-and-greet at the airport to making sure the car is there to getting a welcome arrival at the hotel. Everything like that our ground handlers are responsible for. They’re experts in golf and on the hospitality side, too.”

When a Golfpac customer returns home from an international or domestic trip, he or she can let the company know about their experience, Hamilton says, so the company can better serve its future customers.

“We provide them with a form to rate hotels and courses, and we’ll post it on the Web,” Hamilton says. “It lets our customers view the ratings and experience Golfpac. It keeps everybody honest.”

And in the end, Hamilton says, honesty is all that counts.

“We’re really getting customers to understand that price alone isn’t going to be the determining factor of what they’re buying,” Hamilton says. “Somebody is always going to do it cheaper, but they usually leave out a few parts. You just don’t know what parts they leave out.

“If I’m a golfer, I don’t want to be in a position to find out if and when it happens. So if there is an emergency, they can pick up the phone, even after hours, and talk to me.”  GT

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