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Get pampered like a pro

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What do professional
golfers who play for a living have that you don’t? Besides ungodly amounts of natural talent and multiple six- or seven-figure endorsement deals, most of them have teams of highly trained specialists fine-tuning every detail of their games. From a player’s swing mechanics to his or her physical and mental well-being, no stone is left unturned in order to maximize performance on the golf course. But what about the rest of us mere mortals? Is there a way and a place where, even if for just a while, we can experience what it’s like to be pampered like a pro? You betcha. And we found it at one of the most luxurious golf resorts in North America.

Fairmont Turnberry Isle in Miami has partnered with legendary performance-training coach Pete Bommarito, founder of Bommarito Performance Systems, Dr. Matthew Cooper, president of USA Sports Therapy, and PGA Teacher of the Year Bill Forrest to create the ultimate luxury game-improvement experience for golfers of all ages and abilities.

Bommarito is renowned for his work with numerous professional athletes, including Jason Pierre-Paul and Matt Forte. Under Dr. Cooper’s direction, USA Sports is recognized as one of the world’s leading organizations for rehabilitation, prehabilitation, physical therapy, neuromuscular therapy, chiropractic care and overall health and fitness. Forrest is widely considered one of the top golf coaches in the world and counts among his students Masters Champion Seve Ballesteros, Grace Park, Jimmy Connors and Mia Hamm.

“This is an unprecedented partnership that is transforming Fairmont Turnberry Isle’s already acclaimed reputation as a premier golf resort into the ultimate performance training center for golfers and other athletes at all levels,” said David Feder, managing director for Fairmont Turnberry Isle. “There really is nothing else like this available at any other resort of our caliber.”

Through this collaboration, guests can access the very same experts who ensure professional golfers, athletes and celebrities are at their very best, including: physical therapists, golf instructors, biomechanical specialists, fitness trainers, nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists and muscle activation specialists. These individuals work as a team to develop completely customized short- and long-term programs for each client, based upon his or her abilities, limitations and goals.

The process starts with an in-depth biomechanical assessment. Afterwards, depending upon what the client wants, the team can make recommendations for programs, ranging from fitness training and physical therapy to rehabilitation and nutrition, in addition to comprehensive golf lesson plans. Even though clients typically only work directly with the team for a few days at a time, Bommarito said their broad network of contacts enable them to provide referrals across the country to help clients continue their programs after leaving Fairmont Turnberry Isle.


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