North Vs. South

Who'll win you over in Myrtle Beach?

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North Vs South Things aren’t always the way they seem. Remember M. Night Shyamalan’s movie, The Sixth Sense, with its edge-of-your-seat surprise ending? (If you haven’t seen it, Bruce Willis reveals in the last minute that he wears a toupee.) Just kidding. 

Of course, great movies aren’t the only things that utilize the old bait and switch. Consider Myrtle Beach, golf’s East Coast Mecca. For one thing, the one hundred-plus courses that you always hear about aren’t piled on top of each other; they stretch out over a 60-mile “Grand Strand,” making Myrtle a tale of two cities: the North and South. Then there’s the courses themselves. Some on the northern end, such as Lion’s Paw, sound ferocious, when in reality, they’re about as terrifying as a greeting-card kitten. An hour south, in Georgetown County (at the southern tip of the Strand), courses like Heritage and Tradition—two standouts on the Waccamaw Golf Trail—may sound gentlemanly enough, but let your guard down for a second, and you could get a serious whoopin’.

Southern Charm
Six standouts on the Waccamaw Golf Trail
Heritage Club
(800) 882-5121
Designer: Larry Young
Built over 600 acres on two former South Carolina plantations along the Waccamaw River, the Heritage Club has long been a favorite of Grand Strand golfers.
Litchfield Country Club
(800) 882-3198
Designer: Willard Byrd
Built in the early 1960s by Willard Byrd, this traditionally styled layout is the flagship of Georgetown County’s great plantation courses. The mature tree-lined fairways wind their way past giant oaks and shimmering lakes of a former Carolina rice plantation, creating an extraordinarily challenging “country club” experience.


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