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Myrtle Beach

What To Bring
Choosing what to bring to Myrtle Beach depends on when you make the visit. In the warmer months, shorts are appropriate on and off the course as well as at most dining establishments. Also, warmer month usually means they’ll be some added humidity, which for those of you familiar with it, means more airborne insects in the air. Be sure to bring not only sun protection, but insect repellent as well. It’s a lifesaver. Light sweaters and pants are fine for cooler months. Bring an umbrella all year round.

As for your clubs, it never hurts to carry an extra putter in your bag (but remove it if you’re playing in serious competition.) Myrtle Beach has several inland courses as well as coastal courses, with greens that vary in shape, size and most importantly—speed. We recommend a putter you feel comfortable with on slower greens and another for fast, slick greens. Also, be sure to stock plenty of balls. Water hazards are very popular at courses throughout the area.          

When To Go
Myrtle Beach is an all-year-round golf vacation resort, with the most precipitation occurring during the summer months when the heat index is highest. If you don’t mind the cooler weather, there are some good deals to be had during the winter. The biggest crowds typically appearing during the warmer months.

Average Temps  High/Low, °F
January  57°/51°
February  60°/52°
March  66°/57°
April  75°/62°
May  82°/69°
June  87°/77°
July  90°/81°
August  89°/83°
September  84°/80°
October  76°/73°
November  68°/65°
December  59°/55°

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