Hidden gems and must-plays for the ultimate golf pilgrimage

Things to leave home:

   1. Your staff bag (you or your caddy will be walking)
   2. Hard-sided golf club cases (cars in the Ireland are small—think Geo Metro)
   3. Shorts (even when the temperature reaches 80, they are frowned upon at most top-end clubs)
   4. Your cell phone (the most economical way to go is to buy an inexpensive cell phone at the airport shop, or local store, and pay as you talk—it’s worth it to schedule dinner reservations, and call ahead for added tee times and hotel direction)
   5. Your idea you will be playing from “the tips”—here, championship tees are just that
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Tourism Ireland
Northern Ireland and Ireland have recently combined their tourism efforts to take one of the world’s best tourist boards in golf to a whole new level.

Cork Kerry Tourism

Ireland West

Tour Operators
These are the best of the best when it comes to arranging the perfect golf vacation to the Emerald Isle.

Irish Links Tours & Travel
(800) 824-6538

Haversham & Baker Golfing Expeditions
(800) U-TEE-OFF

(800) 344-5257

Traveling the Fairways
(800) 414-8519

Jerry Quinlan's Celtic Golf
(800) 535-6148


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