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Unlike the other two Gulf trails, the Mississippi Golf Coast collection is tightly packed along the coast between Bay St. Louis and Gautier (a stretch of 60 miles, or one course per every four miles). The city of Biloxi is located in the middle of the trail, making it the best bet for flight departures and arrivals. Biloxi is but 90 miles from New Orleans, a major airline hub.

To access the Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama, arriving in Birmingham is your best bet, as it’s the most centrally located city along the Trail, which spreads from Huntsville in the north to Mobile in the south and covering all points east and west. To reach Gulf Shores, Alabama, Pensacola Airport is a short 40 minute ride away.

The Louisiana Audubon Trail is equally spread out, covering all corners of the sportsman’s paradise. Audubon treks should begin in New Orleans or in the Trail’s northernmost outpost, Shreveport.

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What To Bring & When To Go
What To Bring
Playing golf in the Gulf States of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi doesn’t require an overabundance of packing. Shorts will make things comfortable, especially in the summer. Sunscreen is another plus, particularly when the sun gets strong. Insect repellent is a good option. Cooler weather creates the need for a rainsuit and/or long-sleeve wind shirt.

Don’t forget lofted specialty clubs like a 5-wood, 7-wood or even a 9-wood to combat the thick Bermuda rough that’s so prevalent in the area. With a 5-wood or 7-wood, it’s easier to get the ball up and out of the rough because the clubhead is hitting down into it. On normal lies, the ball will fly higher with a utility wood, which is good when you’re hitting into the greens, most of which are bunkered or surrounded by rough.


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