Golf in the Gulf

Great golf runs abundant in Alabama's Gulf Shores

Lost Key Golf Club, just across the nearby Florida border, is as tight as Cypress Bend is wide. Lost Key was the first golf course in the world to be certified as an Audubon International Silver Signature Sanctuary. Most every hole is flanked by swampy bogs full of critters with no shoulders and giant waterfowl with beaks longer than most one-irons. My advice is to take plenty of golf balls and play Lost Key as your starter round. You’ll get a taste of what a petri dish this section of the world is, and every other course in the area will seem as broad as the Grand Canyon.

With nine courses in the immediate area, including the not-to-be-missed Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club, you can golf to your heart’s content, but save plenty of time for the mesmerizing sunsets over the stunning beaches. If you can’t lower your blood pressure on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, no amount of Lipitor is going to help.

To make your Alabama golf journey even more stress free, contact the Gulf Shores Golf Association for their myriad of stay-and-play packages at or (888) 815-1902. Beachfront accommodations run the gamut from hotel rooms to comfy beach houses big enough to hold a Walton Family Reunion. Myrtle Beach will still be there next year. I’m not sure about Kyrgyzstan.



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