Golf in the Gulf

Great golf runs abundant in Alabama's Gulf Shores

I’m willing to bet everything in my meager Roth IRA that about as many people know that Alabama has a scenic shoreline on the Gulf Coast of Mexico as know how to spell “Kyrgyzstan” (which has to be one awesome play in Scrabble).

Not only does Alabama have a coastline a few miles due east from the start of the Florida Panhandle, it happens to be 32 miles of as glorious a waterfront you’ll find this side of mesmerizing St. Thomas in the Caribbean. We’re talking wide expanses of dazzling sugar-white sand so soft and powdery, you’ll want to lie on your back and create sand angels. Surprising is the word that comes to mind.

The golf is surprising as well with the superb Kiva Dunes—a real honest-to-goodness links course played through sand drifts and hollows with roughs of sea grass as penal as Muirfield (the real one).


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