Golf Glory In Northern Michigan

Long Summer Days In Great Lakes Country

Being at the far western edge of the Eastern Time Zone has its benefits, particularly if the calendar reads summer and there’s a 3-wood in your hand. That’s just one reason the “pinkie” part of Northern Michigan, with the lovely town of Traverse City at its heart, rocks as a golf destination from May into Read more…

Great Lakes

The Midwest's finest are as good as it gets

There’s much more to this quaint island than just the world’s best fudge. Since no cars are allowed on the island, you must arrive by ferry or via the 8,614-foot Mackinac Bridge–North America’s longest suspension bridge that physically connects Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas. You can get around the island only by foot, horse carriage or bicycle. Then there’s the charming, 385-room Grand Hotel with the world’s longest front porch. The 120-year-old, elegant hotel was the site of the 1979 movie, Somewhere in Time. Be sure to catch the island’s state park, honored by National Geographic as one of America’s 10 finest.

The Country’s Summer Golf Capital

Great Lakes

Most golfers are slowly becoming aware of what is now one of America’s finest golfing venues: The Great Lakes, particularly Michigan and Wisconsin. In recent years, some of the most celebrated new courses in America opened in this region. The varied topography__Òeverything from sand dunes to abandoned stone quarries–combined with perfect soils and abundant water have made the area an ideal place for building exciting golf courses.