The Desert West

If there's one thing you should know about golf in the magnificent desert West, heed the following statement: In the desert West, you don't play golf, you experience it.

Las Vegas (cont.) 
Lake Las Vegas Resort
Lake Las Vegas Resort Tom Weiskopf and Jack Nicklaus stamped Mother Earth with two spectacular courses that will excite you for hours and hours.
Reflection Bay
Par 72, 7261 yards (74.8/138)
(Jack Nicklaus)

The Falls
Par 72, 7250 yards
(Tom Weiskopf)

(877) 698-4653
The Wolf at Paiute
The Wolf at Paiute The course is deadly long, a total of 7,604 yards, but the upshot is that the course is situated 3,000 feet above sea level.
Par 72, 7604 yards (76.5/149)

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