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November-December 2010


  • From 150 Yards Out

    Knock it stiff on your approach shots—no matter what the lie

    Here’s the good news: You’ve just hit your drive to within 150 yards of the green.
  • My Favorite Tips And Drills

    Quick tips and easy drills to finish the year with your best golf

    Just because the golf season is near a close, there’s still plenty of work to do if you want to keep your swing fresh and up to par for the next golf season.
  • Outdraw The (Slice) Outlaw

    Draw your driver, and never slice again!

    Without question, the draw is golf’s most difficult shot for players to learn.


  • Fit To Be Tee'd

    A look inside the TPI fitting experience

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does two-angle video reveal?
  • Golf Tips’ Tech Awards 2010

    The Year's Best Golf Equipment

    The year 2010 certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to great new stuff, as we witnessed a slew of new products and technologies that made a big difference in how the game is played.
  • November-December 2010

    The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

  • Showcase: Hot New Sticks

    The latest and greatest irons from PING Golf

    When it comes to golf equipment innovations, PING has left an indelible mark during the last 40 years or so.
  • Sneak Peak 2011

    Next Year's Hottest Equipment Trends

    If you’re like most avid golfers, you’re already looking ahead and wondering what cool gear is coming in 2011 to help you lower your index.
  • We Tried It: Bridgestone B330 & B330-S

    Bridgestone's Latest Balls...Tested

    The new Bridgestone B330 and B330-S (yes, the 2011 models are new versions of both golf balls) are an amalgam of distance and spin designed for better players.