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May 2014


  • Be The (Middle) ball

    Here's a drill that will help you get better at making contact in the center of the clubface

    A very important variable to better ballstriking is "centeredness of contact."
  • Drag + Tug

    Become a more proficient and consistent chipper, shoot lower scores

    No matter what anyone else tells you, the key to shooting lower scores is having a tidy short game.
  • Get Long Fly Straight

    Better drives come from less mind and body clutter

    Bashing drives down the fairway is the best part of golf.
  • Miss The Box

    Stop the pop-ups and you'll hit the ball higher and farther than before

    Angle of attack is the direction the clubhead travels into the back of the ball.
  • Slapshot

    Similarities between hockey players and golfers

    Have you ever wondered why so many hockey players are also good golfers?


  • May 2014

    The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

  • Showcase

    Exotics CB Pro Limited Edition & SkyCaddie LINX

    The strikingly handsome CB Pro fairway wood represents the latest in new technology and performance from Tour Edge's Exotics line.


  • Backspin: Scottsdale, Arizona

    10 reasons to play in Scottsdale during the shoulder season

    Seriously, once the temperatures start to rise and the snowbirds head back home, you can play Scottsdale's best courses for a fraction of what they cost just a few weeks before.