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March 2011


  • Alvaro Quiros

    Learn how to increase your clubhead speed from one of the game’s longest drivers

    Take a survey of golfers anywhere in the world, asking what they’d most like to improve about their game, and you’ll get the same overwhelming response: They want to hit the ball farther.
  • Drop 10 Strokes In 10 Minutes

    Score your best in 2011, quickly!

    It’s a new year. It’s a new you. It’s time to kick those bad swing habits and make 2011 the year you play your best golf ever.
  • Four Moves To Stack & Tilt

    What you don’t know about our system will change the way you look at the golf swing

    2010 was a very good year for Stack and Tilt gurus, Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer.
  • Get Fit!

    Match the right putter to your stroke

    The other day, I was reading through a club company’s literature and saw that they were offering 15 different putter models for their 2011 line.


  • All The Rage!

    Hot Equipment Trends For 2011

    Finding new lightweight-yet-strong materials that improve product performance for golf clubs has long been a goal of manufacturers.
  • Lightweight Quivers

    New, light golf bags for 2011

    Remember your first carry bag? Until recently, you pretty much had to choose between a multifunctional bag, with plenty of pockets and storage, or a lightweight bag with virtually no room but to store your clubs and a couple sleeves of golf balls.
  • March 2011

    The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

    With 16 models to choose from, Cleveland’s new Classic Collection ($79) offers something for everyone.
  • New Kicks

    Hip, techie and classy—the year 2011 has it all

    Could there be a more comfortable premium shoe? Not that we’ve worn
  • We Tried It: Callaway RAZR & Diablo Octane Drivers

    When Ely Callaway first introduced his Big Bertha Driver 20 years ago, the golfing world changed forever.
  • White Is All Right

    White golf clubs are al the rage

    By now you’ve probably noticed that white is the new “it” color in golf.