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July-August 2009


  • DrillDown

    Three Drill for Three Different Clubs

    For effortless power, your upper and lower bodies must resist one another and create “whip” or “torque.” To achieve this, keep your right knee flexed and turn against it.
  • Hunker Down

    Have you ever been told to “hunker down” and get ready? Ever wonder what that means? The word “hunker” has been traced back to German and Dutch origins, meaning to squat, get low and bend the knees. Today, the expression means that and a few things more, including to settle in or to hold resolutely.
  • Tips From The Tour, 2009

    The best players in the world aren’t just fun to watch. There’s a lot to learn about their swings that you can incorporate into your game.

    They may not know it, but several of the best golfers in the world are actually darn good instructors. They may not articulate their moves verbally, but in watching them play, there’s a lot that we as wannabe-Tour pros can learn and pick up from their amazing abilities.
  • Tour Trends

    Get Your Game In Shape With The Hottest Trends On Tour

    The Tour pros I teach have altered their swings over the past few years to better match the latest equipment, advances in physical conditioning and varying course conditions.


  • July-August 2009

    The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

  • Showcase: Milled Putters

    One of the most beautiful pieces of golf equipment is the putter. In fact, a finely crafted milled putter is often considered a work of art among golf club aficionados.