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Golf Tips Annual 2011


  • Drive 4 Show

    Hit It Big And Hit The Fairway

    Top shots happen when you lose the spine angle you established at address and “stand up” as you approach the ball.
  • Hit More Greens

    Make Consistent Contact With Your Irons

    The connection between the hands and clubhead is critically important.
  • Knock It Stiff

    When To Go for It, When To Play It Safe

    You might be asking yourself why I’m not aiming at the green on this shot. I’ll give you a hint: See all that blue stuff? I don’t want my ball to go in it!
  • Never Lay Up!

    Make Solid Contact With Your Hybrids And Fairway Woods

    Here I'm addressing the ball and making a swing with two different clubs, an 8-iron and a hybrid.
  • Putt 4 Dough

    Drain Putts From All Over The Green

    Line up three balls about 10 feet from the cup.
  • Save More Pars

    Get Up And Down More Often

    The best way to chip the golf ball isn’t the way you might have been taught. In fact, chipping is arguably the most misunderstood aspect of scoring, mainly because there are countless ways to get the job done.
  • Score From The Sand

    Get up and down every time

    How you grip the club can greatly influence the type of shot you want to hit.