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Golf Instruction Annual - 2013


  • A Plan In The Sand

    Make bunker play easier with the right know-how

    A bunker shot should be one of the easier shots you encounter on the golf course, theoretically.
  • Learn Like A Junior!

    How to master fundamentals like a beginner

    One of my favorite things about teaching junior players is knowing that they don't have any preconceived notions about what they think the golf swing should look and feel like.
  • Practice Like A Pro

    Learn how to practice effectively and start seeing results

    When practicing out on the range, it's important you remember to be in a training mind-set, not necessarily a playing one.
  • Pump It Up!

    Learn to crank your next drive in seconds

    Everyone loves big, booming drives. In fact, I challenge you to find any golfer who's willing to give up even an inch of that precious driving yardage.
  • Shots To Score By!

    Must know shots to get up and down more often

    If you really want to shoot lower scores, it's imperative that you learn the shots on the golf course you need to prevent big numbers from occurring.