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Golf Instruction Annual - 2010


  • Bad Lies

    Make clean contact no matter how difficult your lie

    The key to this shot is to choke down on the club far enough—all the way to the shaft—if necessary
  • Bunker Escapes

    Get Out and Onto The Green

    When it comes to bunkers, amateurs fear them far more often than do touring professionals.
  • Chip Shots

    Save strokes from just off the green

    One of the reasons the world’s best players are so good is that they have stellar short games.
  • Putting Absolutes

    Drain It From Everywhere

    When it comes to putting, personal preference almost always wins.
  • Trouble Shots

    Don't Let Some Bad Breaks Ruin Your Round

    Golf is a lot like life. Some days everything comes easily; other days nothing seems to go your way.