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Best of GT - 2009


  • Cure Your Slice

    How to fix your slice for good by learning to hit a draw

    Now that you’ve learned to close the clubface continuously and how straight shots can come from a slightly open face, you need to take that hook and turn it into a draw.
  • Hit It Big

    Crush your drives with these fifteen tips

    Grips are usually classified as neutral, weak or strong. A weak grip, where your hands are rotated to the left, adds loft at impact and makes your club of choice play a bit weaker. The result? Loss of distance.
  • Manage Your Game

    Think Better, Score Better

    A common saying in golf is that the game is 90% mental.
  • Master The Short Game

    Get Up and Down From Everywhere

    The fastest way to lower your scores is to hone your game from 100 yards in.
  • Master Your Iron Play

    Hit Better Iron Shots With These Simple Keys

    Better iron play requires solid and consistent fundamentals. If you watch the best players in the world, and factor in the heavy pressure and stress they face during any given round, you’ll notice that the players with the soundest fundamentals are the players who rise to the top of the leaderboard come Sunday.
  • Practice Like A Pro

    PGA tour pro Kevin Streelman shows you how to play like one of the world's best players

    To get started, when you practice, always do so with a target in mind for every shot.
  • Straighten Your Tee Shots

    Quick tips for straighter hits

    A weak grip leads to an open face. Unless you’re trying to hit one on purpose, this grip is a surefire way to help you slice the ball.


  • We Tried It

    GPS Units Put to the Test

    At first we struggled to upload courses onto the Swami by Izzo Golf because we’re on a Mac, and the Swami is only PC compatible.