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August 2013


  • Jim Furyk

    A look at his amazing ballstriking capabilities

    Say what you will about Jim Furyk, the man knows how to play some extraordinary golf using a homegrown swing that's truly one of a kind.
  • Long Game: Get Connected

    Keep your arms and body connected through the downswing

    One of the most important keys to hitting the ball both straight and far is keeping the sequencing of your swing synced properly.
  • Play Ugly, Score Beautifully

    Stop the bleeding and get back on track

    When it comes to playing golf, one thing is for sure: Rarely are two days ever the same. Some days, your swing is grooving nicely and you can't miss.
  • Rake It Up

    Bounce your wedge off the rake and improve your sand play

    If there's one shot in golf that golfers unnecessarily struggle with, it has to be the simple bunker shot.
  • Stroke Saver: Hinging On It

    Golf would be much easier if we played on the same hole, 18 times in a row. Imagine if you only needed to hit a handful of shots, and you could spend all your time mastering them.
  • The Chip Putt

    One of the easiest shots in golf

    When it comes to hitting the simple bump-and-run shot from just off the green, I teach it the same way to all my students.
  • The Truth About Ball Flight

    Why things happen the way they do in the golf swing

    By now, you've probably seen and heard a fair share of video commentaries on the golf swing, notably, those midround reviews of Tour players during tournament broadcasts.


  • August 2013

    Summer training! Get your game in gear with some of our favorite training aids for 2013.

  • Equipment Q&A

    5 Questions with Tom Kroll, Brian Bazzel & Lindsay Main of Taylormade Golf

    What made you decide to return to a darker shade for the R1 driver?
  • From The Ground Up

    Athletes have been moving away from heel-raised, thickly padded, highly supportive shoes.
  • Showcase: Srixon Z-Star

    The new Srixon Z-Star balls

    In case you haven't noticed, Keegan Bradley is crushing the ball this year.
  • We Tried It: Callaway XHot Driver

    Callaway's Pro Long Driver Edition

    In case you haven't paid much attention to long drive competitions, here's what you've been missing.