Web ENL Rates and Specs

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For a more complete way to connect with the most serious audience in golf, extend your print advertising exposure using sponsorships, banners and links on golftipsmag.com and in our eNewsletters.

Through its unique Web-continued content, golftipsmag.com was the first and continues to be the leader in integrating print and electronic media.

The golf audience is now taken to the next level as the editorial content of the magazine comes alive with motion and sound. The reader is prompted at the end of key instruction features, tips and equipment coverage to go to golftipsmag.com and complete the multimedia experience.

Another industry first from Golf Tips, this electronic medium is the only one in the category that creates a direct and dynamic link from the printed article. The golfer now has an opportunity to go from the text and photo format to the sound and motion environment. This leap provides a more complete learning experience for the golfer.

No other golf magazine and no other golf Website marries the print and electronic content so completely. In today's technology-driven multimedia environment, the audience's expectations have been elevated.

No longer is it enough to produce a quality magazine. Now, your publications and Websites need to have interactive relevance both to the readers and the viewers.

2014 Electronic Ad Rates & Specs
Ad Unit
Non-Print Advertiser
Combined with Print Schedule
Leaderboard (728 x 90) $25 CPM $15 CPM

Rectangle (300 x 250) $40 CPM $25 CPM

Ad Unit
Non-Print Advertiser
Combined with Print Schedule
Video Player $175 CPM $100 CPM

Video Pre/Post Roll Customized programs available. Call for details.

Homepage Takeover 24H $4,000 $2,500

Demo Day Program
* Plus one-time set up charge of $250
$450/month* $250/month*

Golf Mall $400/month $200/month

Ad Unit
Non-Print Advertiser
Combined with Print Schedule
Presenting Sponsor $150 CPM $80 CPM

Section Sponsor $100 CPM $50 CPM


Ad Unit
Non-Print Advertiser
Combined with Print Schedule


Arena and Sectional Sponsorships: Equipment, Video Instruction and Travel
Includes: "Presented by..." header branding, ad impressions, advertorial product information
• Special Opportunities:
Product Trials
Contests and Promotions
Database Marketing
Custom Research

Rich Media Guidelines
Rich Media File Formats: HTML, Javascript, DHTML, Point Roll, Shockwave, Flash, Java, Enliven, Bluestreak, Viewpoint and Eyeblaster. All Rich Media must be accompanied by a GIF for those without the plug-in.

Approved Third-Party Vendors: Ad4ever, AdInterax, Adrelief, Airlock, Azionare, Bannerstream, Brilliant Digital, CheckM8, COOVI, DART Motif, Enliven, Eyeblaster, EyeReturn, Eyewonder, Flashtalking, FPBA, Intermezzia, Kaon Interactive, Kettera (Askbox), Klipmart, Onflow, Poindexter, Point Roll, Strevana Technology, LLC, Unicast, United Virtualities (Shoshkeles), Vendaria, Viewpoint, ZAQ Interactive

Maximum Initial Load: 20K

Maximum Load: 40K

Maximum Animation:
Animation is OK (no maximum length or looping requirements)

Maximum Frames Per Second:
No maximum requirements

Maximum Expansion Size:
728 x 90 (Leaderboard) = Expansion size: 728 x 180 (may expand down & left or down & right)
300 x 250 (Rectangle) = Expansion size: 600 x 500 (may expand left & up or left & down)
728 x 90 (Anchor) = Expansion size: 728 x 180 (may expand left, right, up, down)

Maximum Expansion Limit: A banner may automatically expand once for 5 seconds per session*. The expansion should display a visible "close" button.

Banners With Animation/Video: An animation/video banner may automatically play. The banner should have a visible "play/stop" button.

Banners With Audio:
The audio must be initiated by the user. The banner should display a visible "sound on/off" button. The animation/video may automatically play without sound.

(To view a detailed explination of our online ad rates & specs click here).

Custom Blast Specs:

  • Prefer code to be XHTML Transitional compliant (no deprecated tags)
  • Email body needs to be no wider than 600px
  • All styles MUST be inline (duplicate styles in the head of the document are fine, but it CAN’T be the only place the styles are contained)
  • A combination of Tables and divs for layout is preferred, with tables handling the majority of the actual layout and divs/spans used to stylize contents
  • No duplicate attributes
  • All tags should be properly “closed”
  • No flash can be used
  • When the creative is sent over, please include the exact subject line and the e-mail addresses to which test e-mails should be sent.
  • Kindly note that we add “Promotion:” in front of all custom blast subject lines as well as the magazine’s logo at the top of the creative

Custom Sponsorship Opportunities:
  • Target your marketing message with the placement of your custom banners on specific editorial landing pages!
  • Custom banners (638 x 198) are inserted in the editorial portion of the page and are distinctly separate from the Leaderboard and Rectangle banner positions.
  • These custom banners provide a targeted message opposite "like" editorial.
  • The Werner imaging sites are top performers in the web photo-endemic marketing space.
  • Your custom banner will reside under key editorial sections for maximum synergy with your product.
(To view a detailed explination of our custom sponsorship positions and targeted banner program click here).

*A session is the entire amount of time spent on a site without closing the browser or navigating away from the domain.