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Article: Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

While historians today credit Leif Ericson with the European discovery of America (Leif Ericson settled present-day Newfoundland over 1,000 years ago), modern European exploration, of course, is traced to Christopher Columbus.

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Article: Springtime In Pinehurst, N.C.

Few golf destinations can claim to have a profusion of quality courses, but the Pinehurst area is one of them.

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Article: St. Andrews, Scottland

Let's face it—people just don't have the money they once had. Unfortunately for golfers, this likely means a grand tour of the British Isles' great courses simply may not be in the cards.

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Article: Fairmont Turnberry Isle

What do professional golfers who play for a living have that you don’t?

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Article: The Perfect Drive

This month when Pebble Beach hosts the 110th U.S. Open, viewers are sure to see plenty of aerial shots of azure waters crashing into the rocky outcroppings framing the course.

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Article: A Wales Of A Good Time

Long passed over by golfers making a beeline for Scotland and Ireland, Wales will finally earn its place as a reputable golfing destination this year when it hosts the Ryder Cup.

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