Short Game

Article: 5 Shots 1 Club

The most successful golfers are the most creative ones. (Consider how inventive Phil Mickelson is when his tee shots get him in trouble.) ...

Article: Fix Your Game

When you’re on the course and your game starts to fall apart, what should you do?

Article: Characteristics Of Great Chipping

Hitting better chip shots requires a few fundamentals, most of which get overlooked by beginner and better players alike. ...

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Article: Chip Control

Admit it. Chipping isn’t exactly exciting. Some might say it’s downright boring. It certainly isn’t as thrilling as busting a drive 300 yards down the middle.

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Article: Master The Short Game

The fastest way to lower your scores is to hone your game from 100 yards in.

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Article: 10 Best Tips

If you’ve ever received a lesson, or better yet, a series of lessons, it’s likely you’ve been told to do the same thing more than once. ...

Article: Hunker Down

Have you ever been told to “hunker down” and get ready? Ever wonder what that means? The word “hunker” has been traced back to German and Dutch origins, meaning to squat, get low and bend the knees. Today, the expression means that and a few things more,...

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Article: Tour Trends

The Tour pros I teach have altered their swings over the past few years to better match the latest equipment, advances in physical conditioning and varying course conditions.