Article: Play Like A Pro!

Every week, TV audiences are mesmerized by PGA Tour pros Every week, TV audiences are mesmerized by PGA Tour...

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Article: Use Your Senses

If you think the secret to lower scores is to hit hundreds of golf balls out on the practice tee, I have news for you: It isn't.

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Article: Just Think About...

To play better, try and think less. That doesn't mean shut your brain off completely.

Article: Keep It Simple

If you want to become a better putter, you have to know how to use your eyes to your advantage.

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Article: Drop Strokes From The Green

Here's the weird thing about the game of golf. Here's the weird thing about the game of golf. As you get...

Article: Target Golf

In today's golf climate, it seems everyone is fixated on distance. Troon North Golf Club Scottsdale,...

Article: Learn Like A Pro, Play Like A Pro!

No matter how advanced the best players in the world become, each and every player does something, somehow, someway to make himself or herself better.

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Article: Five A Side

To become a better putter, you have to get used to focusing on smaller targets. To become a better...

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Article: Make More Putts!

Having a good setup and grip is key for consistent putting. Brady Riggs explains what that means right here.

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Article: Smooth Operator

Before your next round, here are two simple drills I want you to do on the practice green.

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Article: Push Your Putt

One of the more common putting mistakes I see from my students is a lack of acceleration through the ball. One of...

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Article: Blind Reading

Years ago, I played in the Heather Farr Charity for the Blind tournament in Sun City, Ariz. I played with an English gentleman who had been blind since birth.

Article: Green Reading 101

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Article: Learn from the Blind

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Article: Practice Your Putting With Feel

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Article: Perfect Your Putting Routine

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Article: The Modified Belly Putter

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Article: Putting Mechanic

The next time you play golf, I want you to count your total number of putts. Don't worry about how many putts you have per hole or how long or short they are. Just find your number.

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Article: The Toe Putt

One of the most overlooked aspects of putting is making sure you have solid contact.

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Article: We Tried It: Odyssey Flip Face And Ping Nome

It's pretty cool to be a putter these days. It's pretty cool to be a putter these days. Anything goes when it comes to...

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Article: Drain It

I bet if you stood 10 feet away from me, you could easily toss me a golf ball and wouldn't be short or long with your throw.

Article: In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

When things start going sour out on the golf course, it's critical you get to the root of your problems and get back on track as fast as possible.

Article: Tee Party

If you're struggling with your distance control and three-putting, sometimes the best practice is to rehearse a simple drill that takes the focus off the hole and onto a different end goal. ...

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Article: We Tried It: Four New Products, To The Test

As anybody who has played with Winn Grips can attest, they look and feel different than other grips.

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Article: Different Strokes

As an instructor, I've witnessed many different ways to play golf successfully, especially when it comes to putting.

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Article: Where Will You Be 5 Years From Now?

What's your take on the state of the equipment industry right now?

Article: Go Long!

There's no doubt that Adam Scott's resurgence to top form with the chest putter and Keegan Bradley's PGA Championship victory with the belly putter have stirred up more chatter regarding whether or not long-length putters pose an unfair advantage....

Article: Grip It Right

A proper putting grip is one where you grip the club in the palm of your hand, not in the fingers.

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Article: My Favorite Tips & Drills

Sometimes, even the best players in the world need to refresh their fundamentals. In fact, for some, the fundamentals are the only things they work on come time to keep their swings in check.

Article: Give Your Swing A Tune Up

It's already the middle of the golf season, and I'm sure some of you are finding yourselves stuck in a rut.