Article: Two Tips For More One-Putts

If your distance control is good on lag putts, you should leave yourself a lot of short second putts.

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Article: Equipment Q&A

I founded the company in 1990 and named it PLOP, an acronym for “Physical Laws Of Putting.” PLOP originated with the design of its innovative, perfectly balanced, center-shafted, brass blade putter.

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Article: We Tried It: Cleveland - Never Compromise

For this month’s We Tried It section, we tested four new offerings from Cleveland Golf and Never Compromise.

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Article: 2011 Buyer's Guide Putters

Knock it stiff, then knock it in. Sounds easy, but it’s not. Find the flatstick that will make it easier for you.

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Article: The 4-Step Putting Routine

If you don’t prepare correctly, odds are, no matter how good you read the greens or how fluid your stroke may be, you may still find yourself missing putts.

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Article: White Is All Right

By now you’ve probably noticed that white is the new “it” color in golf. By now you’ve probably noticed that white...

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Article: Get Fit!

The other day, I was reading through a club company’s literature and saw that they were offering 15 different putter models for their 2011 line.

Article: All The Rage!

Finding new lightweight-yet-strong materials that improve product performance for golf clubs has long been a goal of manufacturers. ...

Article: March 2011

With 16 models to choose from, Cleveland’s new Classic Collection ($79) offers something for everyone.

Article: Golf Tips’ Tech Awards 2010

The year 2010 certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to great new stuff, as we witnessed a slew of new products and technologies that made a big difference in how the game is played.

Article: November-December 2010

Article: We Tried It: Adams Golf Gear

Speedline Fast 10: Designed to be aerodynamically superior than a traditional head shape, the Speedline Fast 10 is a power hitter’s dream. Or is it?

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Article: 2010 Buyer's Guide Putters

Looking to drain a few more putts this year? We don’t blame you; and deciding to buy a new flatstick this year isn’t such a bad idea. ...

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Article: May 2010

Article: April 2010

Article: What’s Hot In 2010

The WORD from Nate Radcliffe, metalwoods development manager in Cleveland’s R&D division: The rules of the modern game govern energy transfer, stability and other key design variables, but historically the weight and balance point of the golf club h...

Article: Master The Short Game

The fastest way to lower your scores is to hone your game from 100 yards in.

Article: November-December 2009

From STX, the company that revolutionized lacrosse, comes the Envision TR ($199) putter. Designed by Bob Engman (a sculptor whose work is in MOMA’s permanent collection) the Envision TR features square angles and alignment lines to ensure golfers a...

Article: Showcase: Milled Putters

One of the most beautiful pieces of golf equipment is the putter. In fact, a finely crafted milled putter is often considered a work of art among golf club aficionados. ...

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Article: July-August 2009