Article: July 2014

Article: Equipment Q&A

What's the most overlooked aspect when it comes to putter fitting? 1...

Article: June 2014

Article: Equipment Q&A

Our goal with the Smart Square putter was to improve on putter alignment.

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Article: Five A Side

To become a better putter, you have to get used to focusing on smaller targets. To become a better...

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Article: Wedges/Putters

A versatile Tour-proven design that generates lots of spin.

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Article: Keep A Steady Head

Out on the LPGA Tour, if you're averaging somewhere in the 28-29 putts per round, you're considered among the best putters out here.

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Article: 2014 Buyer's Guide Putters

When it comes to golf equipment, nothing is as personal as the putter. DON'T...

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Article: Play Ugly, Score Beautifully

When it comes to playing golf, one thing is for sure: Rarely are two days ever the same. Some days, your swing is grooving nicely and you can't miss.

Article: Play Like A Player!

So you think you're a player? If so, then I have some news for you.

Article: May 2013

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Article: Bust Bad Habits!

In golf, there are two mistakes you can make. The first is a mistake that's easy to identify.

Article: Belly Ache!

In 1924, a professional golfer named Leo Diegel started putting in the most unusual way.

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Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Putters

This year's models are as varied as ever, with blades, mallets and everything in between.

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Article: Putting Mechanic

The next time you play golf, I want you to count your total number of putts. Don't worry about how many putts you have per hole or how long or short they are. Just find your number.

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Article: The Toe Putt

One of the most overlooked aspects of putting is making sure you have solid contact.

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Article: August 2012

Article: We Tried It: Odyssey Flip Face And Ping Nome

It's pretty cool to be a putter these days. It's pretty cool to be a putter these days. Anything goes when it comes to...

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Article: Drain It

I bet if you stood 10 feet away from me, you could easily toss me a golf ball and wouldn't be short or long with your throw.

Article: May 2012

Article: Different Strokes

As an instructor, I've witnessed many different ways to play golf successfully, especially when it comes to putting.

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Article: Hot Or Not?

It's a new year, a new golf season, and if you read enough of this magazine, hopefully a new golf game that's better than ever. It's a new year, a new golf season, and if you read enough of this magazine, hopefully a new golf game...

Article: April 2012

Article: Determining Your Set Makeup

You need to have a distinct set makeup, one that saves your swing and game. You need to have a distinct set...

Article: Go Long!

There's no doubt that Adam Scott's resurgence to top form with the chest putter and Keegan Bradley's PGA Championship victory with the belly putter have stirred up more chatter regarding whether or not long-length putters pose an unfair advantage....

Article: November-December 2011

Article: Sneak Peak 2012

With the success of TaylorMade's white R11 and Burner drivers, it only makes sense that we'll see more of the color in 2012—and not just on clubheads.

Article: Grip It Right

A proper putting grip is one where you grip the club in the palm of your hand, not in the fingers.

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Article: June 2011

Best Bets For Father’s Day

Article: Trending Now

In case you haven’t noticed, the premium putter market is red hot.

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