Iron Play

Article: Be The (Middle) ball

A very important variable to better ballstriking is "centeredness of contact." A very important...

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Article: Middle Game: Plane & Simple

When was the last time you checked your swing plane? When was the last time you checked your swing plane?...

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Article: The Truth About Ball Flight

By now, you've probably seen and heard a fair share of video commentaries on the golf swing, notably, those midround reviews of Tour players during tournament broadcasts.

Article: Ian Poulter

There's no doubt Ian Poulter can golf his ball. There's no doubt Ian Poulter can golf his ball....

Article: Bust Bad Habits!

In golf, there are two mistakes you can make. The first is a mistake that's easy to identify.

Article: Dot Your Impact

The number-one fundamental that all great ballstrikers know is critical for hitting better shots is centeredness of contact.

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Article: Focus on the Target

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Article: Use A Tee For More Control

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Article: Old School vs. New School Bunker Play

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Article: Have a Steady Head

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Article: Better Legwork

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Article: Controlling Trajectory

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Article: Hitting Into The Wind

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Article: Say What?

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Article: Understanding The Pivot

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Article: Take A Seat

I call it the Take a Seat drill, and how it works is simple.

Article: In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

When things start going sour out on the golf course, it's critical you get to the root of your problems and get back on track as fast as possible.

Article: One-Club Wonder!

A typical 6-iron has a loft of 30°, which places it between your pitching wedge (48°) and driver (approximately 9°).

Article: Dance The Waltz

Sometimes the simplest way to improve your golf game is to concentrate on basic fundamentals.

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Article: Weighing In

I know that many of my students may think they understand how their balance shifts throughout their swings, but they often don't really feel it until I show them this drill.

Article: Where Will You Be 5 Years From Now?

What's your take on the state of the equipment industry right now?

Article: Swing A Wet Mop

One of the most critical parts of the golf swing is what you do in the first few inches of the takeaway.

Article: Check Your Hinge

What I like to do is rehearse a simple yet effective drill.

Article: My Favorite Tips & Drills

Sometimes, even the best players in the world need to refresh their fundamentals. In fact, for some, the fundamentals are the only things they work on come time to keep their swings in check.

Article: Give Your Swing A Tune Up

It's already the middle of the golf season, and I'm sure some of you are finding yourselves stuck in a rut.

Article: Iron Play Simplified

Let’s make things easier, shall we?

Article: Quick Tips To Play Better

If you want to dial in your chips and pitch shots, you have to learn to swing with the bigger muscles, not the smaller ones.

Article: Tips For Sticks

Good golfers often struggle with very different problems than average golfers. Good golfers often struggle with very different...

Article: Learn Like A Pro

As an instructor, I have had the privilege to work with Paige Mackenzie since the winter of 2008.

Article: Tips From The Tour

Want to play like a PGA Tour player? You have to practice. Every photo in this story was taken while these players were working hard on the practice tee.