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Article: Shafts/Grips

If you want to look, feel and perform like a Tour player, this shaft ought to be seriously considered.

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Article: 2014 Buyer's Guide Grips

We recommend at least one new set of grips every year, and if you play a lot, maybe switch 'em up in the middle of the season, as well.

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Article: Play The Right Hand

Ideally, what you want is to neutralize either your slicing or hooking tendencies by balancing out the pressure in your right hand.

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Article: May 2013

Now Playing: Dead Aim Putter, Srixon Q-Star, Taylormade Lethal

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Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Grips

Again, this year has a slew of new offerings, including a variety of new styles, colors, shapes and materials to choose from.

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Article: Grip & Release

The golf swing is a series of connected events.

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Article: We Tried It: Four New Products, To The Test

As anybody who has played with Winn Grips can attest, they look and feel different than other grips.

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Article: Common Practice

Golf is a game of minimizing your mistakes.

Article: Determining Your Set Makeup

You need to have a distinct set makeup, one that saves your swing and game. You need to have a distinct set...

Article: Five Questions With Winn Grips

How did Winn start? How has the company's mission changed over the years?

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Article: Where Will You Be 5 Years From Now?

What's your take on the state of the equipment industry right now?

Article: Hot Shafts And Grips

Looking to recharge your golf clubs this off-season? Two of the quickest ways to add more horsepower to your clubs is to start fresh with some new grips and shafts.

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Article: November-December 2011

Article: Grip It Right

A proper putting grip is one where you grip the club in the palm of your hand, not in the fingers.

Article: Squeeze The Tube

One of the most overlooked components of the golf swing is how firm or soft you should hold the club in your hands. One of the...

Article: June 2011

Best Bets For Father’s Day

Article: 2011 Buyer's Guide Grips

Probably the most unsung and underrated component, the grip is actually the most important feature of any club.

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Article: November-December 2010

Article: June 2010

Article: 2010 Buyer's Guide Grips

Considering the grip is the only area that connects you with the golf club, not to mention with the golf ball for the matter, it’s a wonder so many golfers overlook this critical component.

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Article: May 2010

Article: Easy On Your Hands

Sure, the economy’s tough right now. But just because many golfers can’t justify buying a new set of clubs at the moment, that shouldn’t stop them from playing clubs that feel factory fresh.

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Article: What’s Hot In 2010

The WORD from Nate Radcliffe, metalwoods development manager in Cleveland’s R&D division: The rules of the modern game govern energy transfer, stability and other key design variables, but historically the weight and balance point of the golf club h...

Article: March 2010

Bridgestone has revamped its e-Series golf balls ($26/dozen). The two-piece e5 has a softer urethane cover and a reworked dimple pattern for a higher ballflight, while the three-piece e6 has a new inner layer that cuts sidespin for straighter, longer...